The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide
By Neil LeKander

This essential book on RV safety was written (by an RVer for RVers) to enhance your RVing life by making it safer, more secure and more economical; it may even save your life. This book will give you the understanding and tools required to live and travel safely in your RV.

The nine chapters cover virtually all the issues and challenges which can cause you serious problems, needless expense, and personal injury. A few hours of reading and thought will result in enhanced safety and a lifetime of "peace of mind".

Topics covered include:

  • RV Weight Safety & Load Management: Understand your RV's weight limits and why managing your weight is a critical first step.
  • RV Tire Safety: Learn about tire construction, proper maintenance and safe operation.
  • RV Motor Fuel Safety: Understanding, storing and handling motor fuels while protecting yourself and the environment.
  • RV Propane Safety: The life blood of our RV, propane is often a mystery and of great concern by many RVers.
  • RV Electrical Safety: RV electrical systems can be baffling until you learn how they work and interact.
  • RV Safe Driving: Driving an RV often intimidates RV newcomers as well as experienced drivers. Learn confidence behind the wheel.
  • RV Towing Safety: Virtually all RVs tow something; this chapter covers equipment, costs, laws, issues, and hidden towing dangers.
  • RV Fire Safety: Protect yourself and your loved ones in case of fire, the most terrifying potential challenge facing any RVer.
  • RV Personal Safety: Addresses the proper balance of concern and safety precautions appropriate to the RV lifestyle.

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